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Improve Your Browser's Address Bar
by Honest Sumo |

Imagine accessing this website by typing into your address bar: hs and hitting enter? "So what?" you may say, "I already navigate my favorite pages pretty fast". Sure, this tool is not going to save you weeks of work, but instead, maybe 5 seconds here, 10 seconds there. As a person who uses the internet many hours a day I always look for ways to optimize my flow.

Not only can search picker create shortcuts for your favorite pages, but also you can set up your favorite searches to work with a keyword. What does it mean? For instance, as a developer I look often through stackoverflow.com to find my answers, but... I don't really go to stackoverflow.com, I type in my questions in google and HOPE that the top answer is from stackoverflow.com otherwise the format might be unknown to me and might take me more time to parse the information. Well, when I do a search now, I can type in: "so php show all errors" instead. "so" part of my query is set up to go directly to stackoverflow.com and use their search functionality. I got the design for this website from themeforest.com. Well, I can type in "tf dani" and instantly I will be returned search results to themeforest.com for "dani" keyword. It's an equivalent of going to google.com and typing in "site:themeforest.com dani". 

A shortcut! 5 seconds here. 10 seconds there. Maybe 10 minutes a day if I use it enough. All I know is that it feels good every time I save those 10 seconds. 

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