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#1 Website Growth Platform
by Honest Sumo |

I honestly don't know when or where I signed up for this website, but I've paid for it for 6 months, so I call diibs on writing this review.

The Pro Subscription includes "Growth Plan" with daily alerts and objectives, up to 30 websites, professional help anytime, social media monitoring, SEO & keywords analysis... Let's go!


I land on the website and it's overwhelming. I don't know what I'm looking at, everything looks like an ad, but okay, this is a paid service, so should be okay, right?

I start with adding a new website... this one. The action button is "DETECT". It's elementary, Watson.

I guess detecting is done, so next thing is to connect GA and FB and Google My Business.

Ooof. When I click GA it asks me to access my GA data. Not for a specific website or anything? ALL OF THE DATA. Okay... I trust you diib.

Ahh, okay, now they imported it lists all of my domains... except this one because it's GA V4. I guess they don't support it. Fine. Let me skip that step. Nope. No skip button. I'll go back to the dashboard. Oh yeah, I forgot how overwhelming it is. Just soooo many tiles. First tile shows me a bit about my website. Valid SSL, average Mobile Speed, Sitemap detected, etc. Two tiles demand I add analytics to see traffic and Health Score. Third tile offers growth opportunity... if I add analytics. Fourth tile asks me to connect to GA, FB and Google My Business, but I don't have a either for this business. Sixth tile is a Keyword Explorer. Okay, might come in handy, then Core Vitals on the 7th tile. 8th tile are objectives. 9th tile are alerts. 10th tile tells me to link my analytics (by now it's practically a running joke) and then underneath... guess what, here's where you'd see analytics if you linked it. That's okay, we have few actionable items so let's go back to the first tile.

First 4 items are just informative, not actionable at all. 5th one is keywords, let's get it done.

Looks like I'm not ranking well for any keywords, no problem, what can we do? It says "View Packages". Oh my god. Literally 16 new tiles on the page. Let's click on the first one... Fully managed service.

Nope, they want anywhere between $499 to $1,999 a month to continue, we MUST be lost. Let's go back. Second tile? Authority boost... I can let their professionals increase my authority, for... wait for it... anywhere between $124 and $999, no no, I just wanna see what I'm already paying for. Let's try the next tile, "Savings contest blast". Nope, more sales. Okay, at this point, I'm going to assume that "Keywords" section is just an ads listing for diib, let's run away.

Under keywords on the Dashboard we have "Email Deliverability" - nothing functional here, and then "Backlinks" with "Learn more" link... do I dare? Oh boy... anywhere between $124 and $999. I'm starting to doubt that I'm a paying member here... Nope, just checked. I am a paying member. What else?

Let's go to Core Vitals, that looks like it's not something that will charge me to breathe. OH! MY! GOD! I can now subscribe to another plan inside my plan for only $49.99/month extra and they'll help me speed up my website.

I mean... at this point everything I clicked on is an ad for another service of theirs. I'm starting to believe that what I paid for is an ability to look at Google Analytics outside of Google Analytics website. So let's test that... with a different domain that is, because they don't support V4.

Alright. Now we're cooking. My dashboard now has bunch of circles. But that's all they are, they are just circles. So let me click the "COMPLETE PROFILE" button, perhaps that will do something?

After about 20 short questions, I'm now back to the dashboard and the circles are gone and I see the message that I GA is not sending any data to them and I need to contact support.

I feel like I've been scammed. Let's cancel it. Oh wait, the button says "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTON AND CONTINUE WITH THE LIMITED VERSION"... I honestly want to say "as opposed to what?". I'm so glad I took another look here before the subscription renewed. No thanks. I tried to delete my account after, but I mean... did you think they would have a "Delete Account" option? Maybe if I pay $124 for it first? This definitely falls into the categories of The Bad and The Ugly.


I really don't have any sample usage. This website was completely unusable for me and trust me, I tried!


The headline shouldn't be: "#1 Website Growth Platform" it should be "Most expensive advert you'll ever buy" or "The only subscription that will give you access to other subscriptions on the web". Honestly, if something was supposed to be included with my paid account, it's either broken or I can find it in between the ad pages. I feel cheated. I'll stay away.


In the words of Mr Wonderful, take it behind a barn and shoot it, and then send me a refund or something.

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