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The Honest Sumo

Tomasz Mieczkowski

I guess the first thing I need to do is provide my name and background, otherwise the "honest" part of Honest Sumo is not fullfilled.

My name is Tomasz and I've been a web developer working for small tech businesses since 2003. Due to the small sizes of the companies I've worked in, I've assumed most tech roles out there. Full Stack / SEO / UX / Design / Marketing and even customer support, so that I know what people are actually asking for.

The G.B.U. Index

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly? You'd think I'm a fan of western films, but I'm not. I feel like there are two types of digital tools out there: ones I find useful and ones that are either crap or someone else has done a better job. That's The Good and the Bad. However... as someone who's worked a lot with design in my career, I also have to rate tools based on UX and design, and some tools out there could be The Good but also The Ugly (think Reddit.com)

Honest Sumo Goal

I know there's a lot of sites like this out there that I tried to use as my own resource, but trust me... some of the reviews I read look... well, let me just say "sponsored" so that I don't have to use other negative words. If you want my HONEST review, you can contact me and send me your tool for review. If you want to pay someone to write a good review for your tool, this is not the place. If you want to provide me with a free access to your paid tool, I'll be happy to grab it, if you offer referral programs, I will make sure to tag my links, but do expect my honest opinion.